| the BARON FOUR | “Barreiro Rocks is fucking mental”

Mike Whitaker through the lens of Vera Marmelo

Mike Whitaker pela lente de Vera Marmelo


Five years after ther first time at Barreiro Rocks as a Thee Vicars Mike Whitaker came back to the right side of Tagus River as a Baron Four. “Fucking mental”, “fantastic”, “nice food”, “great”, “refreshing” and “lot of beer” are some of the words used by Mike to describe this second coming to the best Garage Rock festival in Iberia. Here’s what he has to say about it…

FrankMarques’blog: How was your return to Barreiro after playing at the festival’s after party in 2010 with Thee Vicars?
Mike Whitaker:
Fantastic! We ate some really nice food, met some very cool people and drank a lot of beer.

Mike Whitaker at Barreiro Rocks 2015

Mike Whitaker no Barreiro Rocks

Did you had time to know the city this time and enjoy some more of the festival?
Yes! We got to hang around Barreiro the day after our show and have some nice food. After, we came back on saturday and on Sunday which seemed to be in some kind of art gallery. The stage was great.

Did you find some diferences in the festival?
It was very similar which is great because it was so much fun before. The one main difference is the band in the bar for the after party instead of in the main room. This was a lot better as it seperates the after party from the rest of the festival. It’s fucking mental which is also great.

Thee Vicars at Barreiro Rocks 2010

Thee Vicars no Barreiro Rocks 2010

I heard that you tasted octopus. How was it and what more have you discovered?
The octopus was really nice. Definitely the best thing we ate!

If some musician friend asked you to describe Barreiro Rocks what would you underline?
It’s a festival that doesn’t have one specific genre which is quite refreshing. I’d mostly underline the people who are all so friendly and like to party.

Baron Four ended the show off stage

Baron Four terminam atuação junto à plateia

Last but not the least: How was your show?
The show was a lot of fun. It was great to do the last song off the stage because it’s nice to be closer. The one thing I dont like is the barrier infront of the stage but I understand these things. The reaction from other people was that they really enjoyed it so that’s always cool to hear! Hopefully we will be back again soon.

Barreiro Rocks 2015 on euronews website in english, spanish and portuguese

Baron Four photos taken by Vera Marmelo and used whitout any comercial interest through the band’s Facebook page