Lou Rhodes (Lamb): “Andy and I are closer than ever”

Lou e Andy pose for the cover of 5

Lou Rhodes and Andy Barlow have kids. They are older, responsible, conscientious. But they had missed working together. Lamb split up in 2004 but the both of them did’nt cut relations. They have reunited again five years later for concerts. In 2010 they returned to share a studio and to give a new start to the band they formed in 1994. The duo, who ten years ago led the best-seller chart list in Portugal, launches this Thursday, 5th of the fifth month of 2011, the fifth studio album. “5” [Five], so is called the album, and three concerts in Portugal approaching (June 10, Lagoa, June 11, Lisbon, June 12, Porto) are more reasonble motivs to an interview. And we made it with the responsible for the lyrics and half of the band. Lou Rhodes, exclusively via e-mail, have confirmed that she’s against all kinds of comparisons with the likes of Portishead and the so called ‘trip-hop’. In other way, she loves of our country. And even (truly!) she winked and smiled at us!

The pause and the return to Portugal
A special country and family
Portishead and ‘trip-hop’
The side projects and the impact of Internet

FrankMarquesBlog – Lamb are returning after a long break. How did you felt by sharing the studio again?
Lou Rhodes (Lamb) – It’s been a real new start in a way for Lamb and spending time together after such a long break has been really special. I think Andy and I are closer these days than we ever were and working on the new material has had a noticeable flow to it

This is the cover

This new album represents a new sound in the project or is it a return to what as turned you into a cult band in Portugal?
The new album has a raw simplicity to it. In many ways it harks back to Lamb’s early days and especially to the ethos of the first album when we had very few pre-conceptions or expectations of the music we made. The break from the project has allowed us to return with a fresh perspective and to write music that feels very true to the heart of Lamb.

Where did you get the inspiration?
I guess the inspiration for the album came from a whole number of directions. We’ve both had pretty eventful lives since we wrote “Between Darkness and Wonder” back in 2003. As always we brought our often contrasting energies into the mix. Andy was a real driving force at the beginning of the process while I battled with what felt like writers block. Many of the lyrics reflect this dynamic, searching for meaning amidst the challenges life throws at us.

How do you both develop the criative process?
Primarily I write the lyrics and Andy drives the technology. Andy often comments on lyrics and sometimes tries to contribute but I have to admit that I’m very territorial about this aspect of the songs. We both bring musical ideas into the mix and play various instruments but Andy’s very much in charge of beats and programming and has an overview of the sonic landscape of the tracks.

This is a video explaining the growing of “5”
(Published in the official band site)

Tracklisting of “5”
1. Another Language
2. Butterfly Effect
3. Build a Fire
4. Wise Enough
5. Existential Itch
6. Strong The Root
7. Rounds
8. She Walks
9. Last Night The Sky
10. The Spectacle
11. Back to Beginning (featuring Damien Rice)


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